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5 Questions to Ask a Bookkeeper During Your Consultation

Updated: Jul 10

Are you ready to bring a bookkeeper onto your team?

If yes, you’ll start with a consultation or as we call it—the discovery call.

This is the call where you get to know each other, how you both work, and set clear expectations for the next steps.

We prepare for these calls by getting a few essential details about our prospective client. It’s also a good idea for you to do a little prep work before the call too.

Many times, people reach out to us when they know something's wrong with their numbers.

They feel frustrated and panicked, and may forget to ask questions to their prospective bookkeeper during the discovery call.


Our aim is to take away confusion—not add to it.

After you’ve done research on your potential bookkeeper, you should have a good feeling about whether you want to work with them or not.

When scheduling your discovery call, first ask yourself:

- What problem(s) in my business am I solving by hiring a bookkeeper?

- What are my overall expectations of a bookkeeper?

- Are there bookkeeping tasks that I want to manage?

- What would I like my bookkeeper's responsibilities to be?

- How much time do I want to spend on my bookkeeping—each day, week, or month?

Once you have these answers, you're ready for your call.


Questions to ask your potential bookkeeper:

- How well do you know my industry? Few people ask us this question, and I think it’s a big one. If you've got industry-specific accounting needs—e.g., job costing, you want to know how familiar your bookkeeper is with it.

- How will we communicate? Maybe you like to get on the phone when you have a question or you prefer email. You should know how your bookkeeper communicates with clients regularly before you work together. If they take weeks to answer an email while you expect a response in a few days—you probably won't work together very long. Make sure you know what to expect in your work together.

- What's the best way to share my info with you? If you’ve got piles of paper files in your office that your bookkeeper needs access to, be sure you know how they can get them. What type of digital storage do they use? Do you want them to come to your office? There could be fees for that, so talk about this up front.

- When can we start? If you need your bookkeeping completed by a certain date, ask if they're able to get it done on time. Keep in mind that your bookkeeper can only work as fast as you can provide the info. This is a collaborative effort.

- What are the next steps? Never leave a discovery call with more questions than you came with. If you’re not clear on what happens next, reach out to clarify.

After chatting with many business owners over the years, we’ve found that asking these five questions has a big impact on the conversation and value it brings. So put these on your list.

For more guidance on preparing for your call—grab the free guide below.

Make the most of your next call with a bookkeeper with your free Discovery Call Prep Guide.

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