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5 Essential Things a Bookkeeper Can Do For You

Updated: Jul 10

If you’re reading this, you probably need a bookkeeper.

Maybe you’re currently moonlighting as your company’s bookkeeper. Or, perhaps you’re ready to bring one onto your team. Either way, your business needs someone to manage the numbers so that things flow smoothly.

When your numbers aren't nurtured...

- We don’t know what we don’t know. You should know where there's overspending. Or, spending that doesn't provide the ROI you expect. And if you need to increase revenue, you should know exactly where that could happen quickly. Maybe you could offer a flash promo on a popular download or an exclusive consultation to a select number of clients. Knowing your numbers helps you decide fast.

- We could have to close the business. Bankruptcy, tax bills, not making payroll—a few of the issues that can hurt or close a small business. These are easy and affordable to prevent.

Knowing exactly where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going is the groundwork for a sustainable business—one that you can feel good about.

Don’t let strategic decision-making and cash flow opportunities fall off the table.

Now that you’re ready to take action on your bookkeeping, let’s explore 5 essential things a bookkeeper can do for you:

- Systems. Bookkeepers are systems-minded people. We help you design workflows that save you time. You can expect us to make your workday easier by identifying areas that you could automate.

- Numbers. We understand that knowing your numbers is essential to the health of your business. We make sure you have confidence in understanding your finances and the bookkeeping system your money lives in.

- Budgeting. Sometimes—when we look at our bank balance—we don't like what we see. E.g., perhaps you overspent on apps you didn't use. We help you set up a budget so you’re saving money and using it purposefully.

- Cash flow. You should know the life cycle of your money—how much comes in, goes out, and when it happens. We walk you through this cycle so that you get to make smart decisions. And so you don't rely on credit cards as your "emergency fund".

- Advising. We support you in creating the best path toward your financial and business goals. We review your numbers each month, make sure you know what they're telling you, and advise on ways to grow revenue.

Our wonderful clients know that working with a bookkeeper is essential to the success and longevity of their business.

“I am so happy I got directed your way. You have really made this terrifying process extremely easy and provided way more than just bookkeeping.Astrid S., Storey Creative

If you're ready to make bookkeeping a priority, we're here to help you make that happen.

Reach out and let's chat.

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