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5 essential things a bookkeeper can do for you

Let’s get straight to the point. You need a bookkeeper. Whether you’re the bookkeeper or you’re ready to include one on your team of experts, your business needs someone to do the bookkeeping.

Not knowing the numbers can take unsuspecting business owners by surprise. The focus is usually on other start-up tasks… like - marketing, building your core team, more marketing, sales, client acquisition, sales funnels, task management, even more, marketing…

The bookkeeping system and financials tend to be at the bottom of the list or off of it completely… until it feels urgent - and that’s usually right around tax-time, am I right?

Putting off the bookkeeping does have a significant impact on your business, and not just around tax time.

Here’s what we’ve personally seen happen:

...small business owners go into autopilot. They don’t know what they’re spending too much on or where they could be making more revenue. Instead, they continue on in the same direction because that’s what feels comfortable… this leaves strategic decision-making and revenue-generating opportunities out of the question.

...small businesses shut down. They file bankruptcy… they get hit with a huge tax bill they can’t afford… they can’t make payroll… all because those numbers aren’t nurtured systematically and deliberately.

Understanding that now is the time to take action on your bookkeeping is a giant leap in the right direction. Knowing exactly where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going is the path to a scalable and sustainable business.

Now that you’re ready to take action on your bookkeeping, here are 5 essential things a bookkeeper can do for you:

  1. Systems - A good bookkeeper knows a sound system. They’ll implement processes to shave hours off of your time spent waiting for checks in the mail, processing payroll, time-tracking, budgeting, and the list goes on. They should be asking you, “What’s the pain point?” “Where’s the bottle-neck?”... and taking calculated steps toward eliminating the problem so that you can get your most valuable asset back… your time.

  2. Numbers - Well, duh… right? Yes, of course, we know numbers - but a good bookkeeper knows that it’s essential you do too! We make sure that you have confidence in understanding your finances and the systems they rely on. Have questions? We always welcome them.

  3. Budgeting - When you get to know your numbers, sometimes you won’t like what you see… For example, you might be overspending on recurring services that you don’t genuinely need. A good bookkeeper will help you set up a do-able budget so that you’re saving money every day.

  4. Cash flow - We want you to know the life cycle of your money… how much comes on, how much goes out, and when does this all happen. A good bookkeeper will walk you through this cycle so that you can make smart spending decisions without relying on credit card debt as an “emergency fund”.

  5. Advisory - We can’t predict the future, but we can surely help you carve out the best path toward your financial and business goals. A good bookkeeper isn’t a data entry specialist - far from it. We’re trained in specialized ways to grow small business revenue and leverage technology… so that you save potentially thousands a month in labor costs. At Pinnacle Flow Bookkeeping, we offer one-on-one advisory services to a select number of small businesses per month as part of an ongoing bookkeeping support plan… are you ready to take the next step to grow (without the worry)?

Our clients say that working with a bookkeeper is crucial. Don’t take it from me… here’s what a fantastic client had to say after we set up her file in QuickBooks Online…

“I am so happy I got directed your way. You have really made this terrifying process extremely easy and provided way more than just bookkeeping.” - Astrid, Storey Creative

We’re here for you. Let’s get to know each other on a free discovery call! No pressure… no strings... talk soon!

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