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3 things to expect when working with a bookkeeper

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Sooo - we get it... wearing the bookkeeping hat or hiring a bookkeeper can feel like a necessary evil in business... but, it's FAR from it.

Your bookkeeper can do more than you think.⁣

It's not a necessary evil, it's actually... an essential step in your journey of being a successful business owner.

Working with a bookkeeper saves you time from having to manage the accounting yourself - and opens up a whole new world. Bookkeepers are standing at the front lines of accounting tech and business development, and we're eager to share the love with the people we partner with - you.

So, let's put it this way... we're not here to check "reconcile accounts" off your list.

What we do is advise on workflows, budgeting, cash flow, app integrations, systems, tools, processes, increased profits, invoicing, expense management, streamlining all the things, strategic decision-making... just to name a few.⁣ 😉

It feels like Christmas Day!

One of my favorite things ever, ever, EVER is when I hear praise like, “It feels like Christmas day!” This came after helping a client roll out a brand-spankin' new process designed to make their lives way easier.

And, yeah, it really felt like Christmas day when they realized that they wouldn’t have to drive around town... to collect paper checks. Now, they're accepting payments online - quickly and easily using QuickBooks Payments. Hours (and lots of gas) saved.

When you’re working with a bookkeeper, it's not just about getting accounting off your mind, it's about having a financial support system. It's about the peace of mind that comes when you know you've got experts with unlimited resources on your side.

Here are 3 things you can expect when working with a bookkeeper:

  1. Compliance + audit-proofing... Not sure about all the legal requirements to operate your business? Your bookkeeper will take a good look at the pieces to make sure that you’re always in compliance and audit-proof.

  2. Tech... There's more than one app out there. You can test them all... or, just ask your bookkeeper what's best. We test apps for fun.

  3. Financials... Never be in the dark about your numbers again. Up to date reports and data you can count on... that's our jam.

We totally light up when we're saving clients hours and working our magic with them. ✨

Time is your most valuable asset.

Start saving hours right now... and get more brain space to work ON your business instead of IN your business… and hey, take a vacation, will ya?

Ready to make amazing things happen? Reach out to us today. You're 100% supported here, always.

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