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3 Things to Expect When Working With a Bookkeeper

Updated: Jul 8

We get it. Wearing the bookkeeping hat or hiring a bookkeeper might feel like a necessary evil in business—it's not.

Your bookkeeper can do more than you might think possible.⁣

And the bookkeeping is not a necessary evil, it's a foundational piece of your business. Its job is to support your business to function efficiently while cash steadily flows in.

If you don't want to manage the accounting yourself, hire a bookkeeper.

Your bookkeeper isn't here to check "reconcile accounts" off your list.

A bookkeeper can help you with the operational stuff, such as workflows, your budget, cash flow consistency, app integrations, understanding your net income, how to invoice easily, and lots more.

It feels like Christmas Day!

One of my favorite things is when I hear words like, “It feels like Christmas day!

I was told those exact words after helping a client design and put to work a new invoicing system that saved him hours a week and hundreds of dollars a month.

It really felt like Christmas day when he realized he wouldn’t have to drive around town slowly collecting paper checks. Now, he happily accepts payments online using QuickBooks Payments. All while sitting in air-conditioned office and doing the work he enjoys.

Sure, reconciling accounts on a monthly basis is essential, and so is having a strong financial support system. That's peace of mind.

3 things you can expect when working with a bookkeeper:

- Compliance and audit-proofing. Are you unsure about the legal requirements to run your business? Your bookkeeper can inspect the pieces to make sure that you’re always in compliance and audit-proof.

- Technology. There's a multitude of apps you can use to run your business. You could test them all yourself. Or, you could ask your bookkeeper what's best. We test apps for fun.

- Financials. Never be in the dark about your numbers again. You could have up-to-date reports, reliable data, and support you can count on year-round.

Remember. Time is your most valuable asset.

You could spend hours learning how to use QuickBooks. Or, you could spend that time doing the things you actually enjoy. Both in your business and outside of it.

Here's something for you.

Download our free Discovery Call Prep Guide to help you make the most of your next call with a bookkeeper. Use it on a call with us or anyone else. We want you to find the perfect fit. This guide makes it easy.

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