• Steph McGuirt

3 simple ways to know if you're ready for a bookkeeper right now

Aren’t sure whether or not you're ready for a bookkeeper? Or, if you even need to get bookkeeping systems in place? You’re not alone. Keep reading and let’s find out if you’re ready right now.

Many small business owners, just like you, have - at some point - have asked themselves this fundamental question… am I ready for a bookkeeper?

For small businesses, not knowing their numbers is a hurdle and a setback. Without essential data at your fingertips, there's little insight into efficiently growing your business with ease.

Here’s what not having those critical bookkeeping systems in place looks like...

...You could be missing out on tax deductions if you're not tracking your expenses.

...You could be overpaying in taxes if you're not tracking your Revenue accurately.

...You could be struggling with paying yourself... how much... and how often?

And, guess what? You don’t have to have those problems.

Taking the time now to know your numbers is not as scary as it seems. Once your bookkeeping systems are in place, you’ll save 10+ hours per month.

So, the first thing is to understand if you're even ready to have bookkeeping systems in place.

Here’s precisely how you’ll know that…

  • You’re making $$$ - if you have a business that's making money you need to have bookkeeping systems in place. It doesn't matter how basic that system is... whether it’s in a spreadsheet or QuickBooks Online - you need to have a place where you’re tracking the flow of the cash in your business. Your bookkeeping system is going to make sure that you understand what's going on in your business and how you should be preparing for your taxes.

  • You've come across some accounting hurdles in your business - ones like... ...you weren’t prepared for tax time. It kind of snuck up on you... so you have to file a tax extension. ...or, you've had a massive tax bill that you weren't prepared for. ...or, maybe you're struggling with keeping a consistent workflow for your bookkeeping, and you're not checking in with your numbers regularly. There’s always a backlog of bookkeeping to catch up on.

  • You don’t know where or how to begin - the structure of a bookkeeping system and doing the number crunching just doesn’t make sense to you and feels pretty frustrating each time you sit down to do it. You (literally) want to do anything else!

Now you know when it's time to consider putting those bookkeeping systems in place in your business, and you also get when it's time to hire a bookkeeper to advise and guide you as your business grows.

Engaging with your numbers consistently gives you clarity, confidence, and financial freedom… and who doesn’t want that in their business?

Not having a bookkeeping system in place means not having financial statements that tell your story, and not having those statements ready when you need them the most… for annual tax filings, for loan officers - especially if you’re buying a house.

This stuff matters… it’s your story!

Are you ready to grow your business with the support of a bookkeeper? Reach out today!


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