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Don’t let bad bookkeeping happen to your business. Get to know your numbers and enjoy your money.

You need a bookkeeper.

Pinnacle Flow Bookkeeping is for you if you're a service-based business owner ready for a solid foundation to grow on. And that's where the accounting comes in.

A good bookkeeper knows that accounting isn’t just a series of repetitive tasks. It’s a sequence of money systems you rely on to get paid and keep your business thriving.

Here’s how our work supports you (and your work).



- Help you set + reach business goals. And we celebrate each milestone with you.

- Don’t ignore budgeting + cash flow. We make sure you know your money well, you’re comfortable with it, and you’re setting financial goals with confidence. 


- Organize your financial records. Have access to essential info at the click of a button.


- Make sure you stay in compliance, and off the IRS’s radar. We fortify our work with an essential ingredient, “audit-proof bookkeeping”.


- Support you on how to use + troubleshoot your QuickBooks accounting software. Because we’ve been hanging out in the trenches for decades, learning how to make the most of this valuable tool for small businesses.


And we’re a team with not only you but your CPA too.


How’s that for a super-powered financial bunch?


We’re constantly checking your numbers throughout the year (not just at tax time). At the end of the year, our comprehensive analysis of your financial data means your tax preparer says preparing your return is, “as easy as pie”.


And we do these things because we believe you should always know and understand your numbers. They tell your story — where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.


Strategy is everything.

What exactly do you get when you work with Pinnacle Flow Bookkeeping?


Here are the ways we support businesses — just like yours, every day.

Our core services, which are included for everyone, are:


  • Private communication channel in Slack

  • Receipt systems setup and management

  • Weekly (or monthly) bank feeds update

  • Monthly account reconciliations

  • Monthly general ledger and financial review

  • Document management

  • Daily backups of QuickBooks Online

  • Year-end review for CPA

  • 1099 filing

Need a little more? Add one or all of the following services:


  • Cash flow and budgeting consultations

  • Advisory calls to discuss financial reports and strategy

  • Sales Tax review

  • Accounts Receivable - sales receipts, invoicing, collections

  • Accounts Payable - bill pay

  • Payroll management


Meet Steph & Deb


When you work with Pinnacle Flow Bookkeeping, you get us — Steph & Deb. We work 2:1 with small business owners on every project we commit to. 


Together, we’ve got 25+ years of hands-on experience helping happy clients navigate their unique journey in business. 

Unlike many outsourced bookkeeping services, we take extra care to approach every project with a spirit of collaboration and partnership with you and your team. 


Your work matters. And we’re here to support your journey.


- Steph & Deb 

Working with us FAQs


When we work together, what do you do? What do I do?

We do all the things listed here. You might decide that you want to do your own invoicing, collections, bill pay, or payroll. It’s up to you.

How much will it cost?

Monthly bookkeeping starts at $390 per month. Weekly bookkeeping starts at $525 per month. After determining your scope of work together, you'll receive a proposal and rate for your support plan.

How are services billed? How often?

We automatically charge a flat fee for bookkeeping services on the 1st of each month. We accept ACH and all major credit cards.

How do I know you’re good at this?

Great question! We've been at this for a long time (a combined total of 25+ years) working closely with a variety of businesses. Our team has — and maintains, the Advanced QuickBooks Online certification. Less than 10% of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors currently hold this advanced certification.
Click here to find out what some of our clients have to say.

What's the best way to learn QuickBooks?

The best way is to dive in, and we know the software is confusing at first glance. Along with QuickBooks’ training center, we recommend playing in the "sandbox" file: QuickBooks Online Test Drive. You can change this file and it won't affect your data or your file.

Besides bookkeeping, how do you help businesses with their finances?

We can help you understand your cash flow, trends, and KPIs so you’re not putting a plan together in the dark. We can also help you set up and stick to a budget, so you’ve always got cash on hand for anything that suddenly comes up.

What type of clients do you work with?

As part of ongoing support, we work mainly with online service-based businesses using QuickBooks Online. This includes consultants, graphic designers, marketing agencies, and web developers. For all other projects, such as File Setups, Reviews, and Cleanups, we can help most small businesses using QuickBooks Online. Our services do not include inventory or state sales tax management. And we can help ALL businesses by connecting them with an expert referral. We know good people.

How often will you update my bookkeeping?

We offer weekly updates and monthly updates. The frequency we recommend depends on your business type, transactional volume, and budget.

What’s your refund policy?

We commit to and put many dedicated hours into every project that comes our way. Our personal guarantee is that you get a stellar result for anything we put our name on. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, we’ll work directly with you to make it right. All sales are final.

Can we talk more about what I need?

Yes, absolutely. Book your free Discovery Call with us right here.

What should I know about working with you?

Mainly, that we’re a tech-forward duo and we don’t work on-site.
We do all of our work virtually using well-known tools, such as QuickBooks Online, Rewind — for QuickBooks backups, Google Drive for document management, Zoom for calls, and Slack for direct communication between you and our team.

Do you do taxes?

No. We don’t prepare or file taxes of any kind. Our job is to make sure your CPA and other tax filing services have a quick & easy time doing their job. In short, we do the prep work your tax team needs to have done before they can file your taxes. We can recommend excellent CPAs for federal tax prep and filing. For sales tax, we recommend Avalara hands-down.
And for payroll tax, Gusto is our go-to.

Can I still do some of my bookkeeping while working with you?

Yes. We find that most clients enjoy invoicing their customers and like to be hands on for that part of their business.

Will you train me?

Absolutely. We want you to feel confident about using QuickBooks and understanding your bookkeeping. We provide custom training videos for anything you need to learn — and they’re yours to keep forever!

What do you need from me to do the work?

We need: - Access to your bookkeeping file. - View-only access to financial institutions so we can pull financial statements and transactional details. - Receipts for purchases, which you can easily forward to your QuickBooks Online file. - Consistent communication so we can get our best work done on time for you.

How involved do I need to be?

You can plan to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on your bookkeeping and reviewing your numbers each month. Although this time commitment depends on your specific situation and the questions you have for us throughout the month.

Why should I hire a bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers aren’t just quietly doing busy work behind-the-scenes ( like this). We’re hands on advisors working with you as a team. ( Working with a bookkeeper should feel exactly like this). Here are a few cool things a bookkeeper can do for you. We’re here to: - Help you set + reach business goals. We celebrate each milestone with you. - Support your budgeting + cash flow, so that you know your money well, you’re comfortable with it, and you’re setting financial goals with confidence. - Keep your financial records organized, so that you have access to essential info at the click of a button. - Make sure you’re always in compliance, so that you stay off the IRS’ radar. - Support you on how to use + troubleshoot the QuickBooks accounting software. We’ve spent years in the trenches learning how to make the most of this valuable tool. And it’s essential to know that your bookkeeper works as a team with not only you but also your CPA. We’re checking your numbers all throughout the year and also do a comprehensive year-end analysis of your financial data. We make sure your tax preparer has a simple time filing your taxes. I mean, filing taxes really should be quick and painless year after year, right? We do these things because we believe you should always know and understand your numbers — where they’ve been and where they’re going. Strategy is everything.



"Steph and Deb at Pinnacle Flow Bookkeeping have helped us TONS!  

It's a huge load off our plate knowing they are keeping things straight and up-to-date in our books - leaving time for us to worry about other things in our business. 

We love this team! — Janet H., The Essential Website

The Essential Website


Monthly bookkeeping starts at $390 per month.


Weekly bookkeeping starts at $525 per month.


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