File Cleanup

Ready to get your bookkeeping cleaned up & caught up so you’ve got numbers you can understand and use?

You need a File Cleanup.

Our File Cleanup is for you if you're a service-based business owner ready to have a powerful, personalized bookkeeping system to help you run your business easily

Your gut’s telling you that things aren’t right with your numbers.


Here's why you want to listen to that feeling.

- Your numbers want to tell you things. They really do.
Things like how well your business is doing year after year, exactly who owes you money right now, how much you're paying yourself, how much your spending on overhead each month, what your equity is in your company, and more. 

- Your business is worth it. Knowing you’ve got reliable financials means you're in control of your money. 

Ready to pay yourself consistently? Yes! You deserve it.

Applying for a life-changing business grant? Do it. You’ve already got the financial reports they'll need to review. 

Saving for a family vacation? Effortless. Predictable cash flow means you can budget exactly what you need to make it happen.

- You deserve accurate data at the click of a button. No one should have to wait until they absolutely MUST HAVE a good bookkeeping system to enjoy the benefits of one.


Good bookkeeping supports you when you're:

  • Buying a home

  • Applying for a loan

  • Applying for a grant

  • Filing state and federal taxes

  • Randomly selected for an audit (but hopefully never!)

What exactly do you get with a custom QuickBooks File Cleanup?


- A completely optimized QuickBooks Online file to fit your needs. This includes cleaning up and customizing your Company Settings, Chart of Accounts, Items, Bank Feeds Center, Sales Tax Center, Sales Center, Client and Vendor Lists, and everything in between.

- Your most essential financial info up to date, accurate, and ready for you to use. So let your CPA know you’ll be ready for taxes soon, start taking a salary consistently, or finally apply for that business grant you’ve been waiting for.

- Direct & daily access to Pinnacle Flow in Slack. Let's knock out anything that comes up right away.

- Daily backup of your QuickBooks data. We make sure your numbers are safe from potential data corruption and any kind of error — human or not.

- A Follow-up Call with Pinnacle Flow. Once we complete your File Cleanup, we walk you through what you need to know most right now in your file. And, of course, we answer your questions too.

- QuickBooks subscription level that aligns perfectly with your needs. Don't pay more than you need. We make sure you're in the right subscription level.

- Apps recommendation + integration. Get the most out of your apps and accounting software.

- Accounting workflow best practices — recommendations + implementation.

- An easy to ready and custom prepared Summary Report package, which includes the exact areas that we cleaned up and loads of resources to help you stay confident with your numbers and your accounting software.

Meet Steph & Deb


When you work with Pinnacle Flow Bookkeeping, you get us — Steph & Deb. We work 2:1 with small business owners on every project we commit to. 


Together, we’ve got 25+ years of hands-on experience helping happy clients navigate their unique journey in business. 

Unlike many outsourced bookkeeping services, we take extra care to approach every project with a spirit of collaboration and partnership with you and your team. 


Your work matters. And we’re here to support your journey.


- Steph & Deb 

File Cleanup FAQs


How long will it take?

Start to finish: 4 weeks (if you've got at least 12 months of data to catch up). If you have fewer months of financial data to work with, you can expect a 2-3 week completion timeframe. Our promise is that as long as there’s no delay in getting the info we need, you’ll have a rock solid bookkeeping system in a max of 4 weeks from the moment we begin.

How much will it cost?

We give you the final cost for your File Cleanup after we’ve completed a File Review on your current bookkeeping system and data. To estimate, let’s say you have 12 months of bookkeeping data you need to have accurate and up-to-date to file your taxes in a few weeks. You could expect to pay around $5,000 for the full year’s financial data cleanup/catchup. If you have less, the cost is less. If you have more, the cost increases. Our 50+ point File Review not only gives you clear insight into your bookkeeping, it helps us determine the scope of work and next steps to get you into the numbers groove you’re looking for. Learn more about your File Review here.

Why should I hire a bookkeeper to do this?

When we work with you on your File Cleanup, we not only fix issues with the financial data, we also check your QuickBooks software setup to see that it’s optimized for your needs. Our decades of experience in accounting and using QuickBooks allows us to do File Cleanups quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

What do you need from me to do the work?

To get started, we need: - financial records, such as bank and credit card statements and loan documents. - accounts receivable (A/R) records, such as invoices. - accounts payable (A/P) records, such as bills. - receipts for Fixed Assets purchased. - any other info we request as we work our magic on your numbers.

How involved do I need to be?

Throughout the project, we ask questions to make sure your file gets set up correctly and is completely custom for your business. You can expect to spend 1-3 hours a week on things, such as answering questions about your business and sharing source documents with us. Before we get started, we ask that you schedule a File Cleanup when you have 1-3 hours a week available for your business.

What happens after the File Cleanup?

After we clean up your file, you get to decide whether you'd like to continue working with us for ongoing bookkeeping support. Or you may decide you want to DIY your bookkeeping 100% while using the resources we provide for training. We’re also available for hourly QuickBooks Online training sessions after your File Cleanup is complete.​

What’s your refund policy?

We commit to and put many dedicated hours into every project that comes our way. Our personal guarantee is that you get a stellar result for anything we put our name on. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, we’ll work directly with you to make it right. All sales are final.

Can we talk more about what I need?

Yes, absolutely. Book your free Discovery Call with us right here.

Do you have a payment plan?

There’s a 3-month payment plan for this project. We divide your File Cleanup fee into 3 equal payments. The first payment is due on the project’s start date. The last two payments are due on the 1st of each month for the following 2 months.

What should I know about working with you?

Mainly, that we’re a tech-forward duo and we don’t work on-site.
We do all of our work virtually using well-known tools, such as QuickBooks Online, Rewind — for QuickBooks backups, Google Drive for document management, Zoom for calls, and Slack for direct communication between you and our team.

How do I know you’re good at this?

Great question! We've been at this for a long time (a combined total of 25+ years) working closely with a variety of businesses. Our team has — and maintains, the Advanced QuickBooks Online certification. Less than 10% of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors currently hold this advanced certification. Click here to find out what some of our clients have to say.

What's the best way to learn QuickBooks?

The best way is to dive in, and we know the software is confusing at first glance. Along with QuickBooks’ training center, we recommend playing in the "sandbox" file: QuickBooks Online Test Drive. You can change this file and it won't affect your data or your file.

Do you do taxes?

No. We don’t prepare or file taxes of any kind. Our job is to make sure your CPA and other tax filing services have a quick & easy time doing their job. In short, we do the prep work your tax team needs to have done before they can file your taxes. We can recommend excellent CPAs for federal tax prep and filing. For sales tax, we recommend Avalara hands-down. And for payroll tax, Gusto is our go-to.



“Thank you for making our lives 100% easier and less stressful! You answer questions and provide information in a very kind, thoughtful, and user-friendly manner.” — Stefani H., The Essential Website

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We give you the final cost for your File Cleanup after we’ve completed a File Review on your current bookkeeping system and data. 


To estimate, let’s say you have 12 months of bookkeeping data you need to have accurate and up-to-date to file your taxes in a few weeks. You could expect to pay around $5,000 for the full year’s financial data cleanup/catchup.


If you have less, the cost is less. 


If you have more, the cost increases.


Have more questions?

You're interested in the File Cleanup, but you have a few questions. 

Reach out and we'll help.