High-touch bookkeeping for the business designed with purpose in mind, so that you can focus on your unique skills.

What if you didn't have to worry about the money stuff? 


Learn 5 simple ways you can prepare for a bookkeeper right now. 



in your corner?

That's us... Steph & Deb. 


We get that running a business is full of unexpected adventures & hurdles... and that's exactly why we're here to take the pain out of that thing that keeps following you around everywhere — you know, the bookkeeping. 


(And, hey, no more losing sleep and weekends over bookkeeping tasks, cool?)


So, let us crunch the numbers for you.


We're the expert advisors you've always known you needed.


Now get ready to grow your business with confidence, flexibility, and ease.

When you partner with the perfect bookkeeper, you get to experience the business you love in a whole new way. 


(and we'll make bookkeeping FUN too — promise!)

"Wonderful, smart, patient, professional, and life-savers!

In working together, we got peace of mind, our books in order and up to date, and we were able to confidently send our financial data to our accountant to get our taxes done. We also have a better understanding of how to properly handle accounting tasks...and so much more! You are kind and patient and really GET small, creative women-owned businesses."

— Stefani Harris & Janet Hoover

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Experience confidence & peace of mind knowing that your numbers and money systems are looked after with care and precision.

"way more than just bookkeeping.

I am so happy I got directed your way. You have really made this terrifying process extremely easy and provided way more than just bookkeeping."

— Astrid Storey

Storey Creative

Total peace of mind is finally here. Here's how we can help:

File Setup

Get started right—the 1st time! We'll custom set up your QuickBooks Online file so that you never have to worry about your systems not working for your business. We walk you through each step of the process! ⁠Your plan of action is fully customized to you and how you run your business. Learn more about our File Setup service here.

File Review

Using our unique 50-point file review system, we’ll dig into exactly what’s causing pain points in your bookkeeping file and accounting workflows. 

This essential diagnostic is the first step toward determining the exact areas of your data that need cleaning up, how much it will cost, and the ideal ongoing support option that's the best fit for your budget and needs!


With this info in your hands, you can hire us to do a File Rescue or use the report as a “road-map” to fix data when working with a bookkeeper on your staff or elsewhere. Learn more about our File Review service here.

File Rescue

Once we've got the diagnosis, we'll get your QuickBooks data caught up and cleaned up so that your reports make sense.

What story are your numbers telling you? You should know.

Ongoing Bookkeeping

Ready to take bookkeeping off your to-do list? We love having it on ours!

Ongoing bookkeeping services are ideal for the business that needs a helping hand or requires full bookkeeping support with their finances. Weekly or monthly options available.


"would recommend to any small business owner.

They understand creative services in general and video production in particular. I would recommend to any small business owner looking for help. Efficient, organized, and I appreciate the hard work!"

— Dave Henry

iFilm Productions


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